Collaboration of brands is a powerful marketing step for a product that goes into the market or wants to strengthen its position. What do I mean by saying collaboration?

This is a collaborative work where you invite interesting and popular people or projects. It helps you to attract more users. Collaboration needs common goals and work together on the result. This is one of the directions in developing a marketing strategy. Creating something really cool and crazy and result will not make you wait a long time.

Pros of collaboration:
– You get more loyal to the product.
– Loyal attitude towards the partner with whom the cooperation is created
– Such adjacent projects are a very successful PR step
– Well-crafted collaborations create a new powerful value for the product.
– The best memorable of your game.

But be careful with collaboration, because it can let to you down. The safest option is to combine brands that are on the same level. In this case, the probability of negative consequences for one or more parties is minimized.