Toki Tori gives aterrific amount of charm from the first minutes of the game. There iseverything about it: the main menu, the big-eyed chick crouching in sunglasses,his artistic movements, music, graphics.

Dutch studio Two Tribes has released the Tiki Tori as debut game in far 2001 on Game Boy Color. In the summer of 2009, Two Tribes released a remake for mobile phones, iPhones and Wii, and finally for PCs.

So why is it worth giving $ 4.99 per month to GameClub? Isn’t it better to save the money, for example, for something tasty?

Toki Tori is a simple at first glance puzzle game about the adventures of a jumping round chick named Toki Tori, who collects different levels of eggs with his brothers & sisters to save them from porcupines.

There are 80 levels only, 20 for each of the 4 worlds: rainforest, gothic castle, toxic canalization, underwater kingdom. Each location is a classic labyrinth of platforms, ladders and scorching lava. However, the vivid scenery is deceptive where you need to combine the abilities of a chick: teleportation, freezing enemies, building bridges, and more. At each of these great levels, you can spend several tens of minutes pounding your head over the next task.

Toki Tori is the game with sophisticated mechanics. It can engage the player not only by the riddles, but also by the atmosphere.

By the way, the same as with any other game which you can find on the GameClub library, if you previously owned Toki Tori on iOS, you are entitled to this new updated version for free, even if you are not a GameClub subscriber.