VGC: Green light for the Splinter Cell series from Ubisoft

Almost ten years after the release of the previous one.

Splinter Сell Ubisoft

The fact that the company has nevertheless launched a full-fledged game about Sam Fisher was reported by sources of Tom Henderson, who previously reported unconfirmed details about Skull & Bones, another Ubisoft title.

  • People familiar with the production process claim that this is a project for PC and consoles, and not a game for VR or mobile devices.
  • Exactly which Ubisoft studios will be working on Splinter Cell is unknown, but two sources claim that a team will be engaged in the game outside Montreal, where the largest divisions of the company are located.
  • The project is in the earliest stages of production and was given the green light not so long ago, but the announcement may take place as early as 2022.
  • According to VGC, the decision to develop the new Splinter Cell was made, not least in order to regain the trust of the fans. The protagonist of the stealth-action series has appeared for several years only in crossovers with Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six, and other franchises.
  • Ubisoft’s representatives declined to comment on the situation.

Rumors that the company intends to revive the Splinter Cell series have been circulating for a long time. Hints for a sequel were considered separate “Easter eggs” in other games from Ubisoft, as well as posts in social networks from voice actors.

Yves Guillemot Ubisoft

The head of the publishing house Yves Guillemot previously claimed that one day the franchise would return, but in what form and how soon, he did not specify:

“When you create a game, you need to make it something different from what it was before. When we last released Splinter Cell, there was a lot of pressure from the fans. They said, “Don’t change this, don’t do that.” Therefore, some employees began to get tired of working on the brand.”

Yves Guillemot
head of Ubisoft

The Splinter Cell series follows Sam Fisher, a spy who originally worked for a secret organization called the Third Echelon. The latest game in the series, Blacklist, was released in 2013. In addition, a screen version of the Netflix animated series is in the works for the screenwriter “John Wick”.