Nowadays, the game development industry is huge and it employs many thousands of people around the world. In 2020, the popularity of vacancies related to mobile development for Android and iOS, UX / UI designers, QA specialists, DataScientist is forecast. And the TIOBE index shows that the most popular programming languages ​​will be Java, C, Python, C++, C #, PHP, Swift, Ruby.

If you’re astudent thinking about your future career as a game developer, popular stuck is which way to choose. Is it better apply to the company or try your skills at the freelance exchanges?

Freelance exchanges for beginners – a great way to gain experience and first money. Everything looks simple: you choose a project, complete tasks, and receive areward. In fact, reality is more complicated. It’s difficult to find a goodorder, to gain a permanent customer, what even more difficult. Generally, there’re no complicated tasks, that’s why the payment is low, as well. Exactly, it looks promising, if you need an experienced, create a portfolio and toobtain positive feedbacks.

For long-term & high-paying employment relationships, it is better to react to open vacancies in the companies. You shouldn’t just attending for a job, but looking for a place where you can open up proficiency. To speed up this process, send the CV not only to the general company’s mail, but also write HR directly. You can find their mails next to an open vacancy on the site or vacancies websites. Another way is the LinkedIn network. Find the company page you are interested in and research the section “People” to see managers’ profiles. In this way, you won’t only boost the communication process, but attract attention earlier than other candidates.

Of course, the unpredictable factors have a certain weight in our lives, so we can’t always predict the situation. The gamedev sphere is attractive, but at the same time, everything in it is changing so rapidly that it is constantly necessary to keep it under the radar. Follow the changes and develop!