A game idea….and it is really cool! But never go to publisher only with ideas. It is not serious from your side. Ideas without realize cost nothing. Publisher want to see a build and gameplay of your project.

Monetization…yes, come up with monetization. If you don’t use it in game, write this on paper. Without you nobody knows how to do this, even a publisher.

What will differ first game session from the 10th? It is important question, it shows how you know your product.

You will never have a second chance to make the first impression. Go to publisher before your global launch takes place. If you don’t do this and launch before your meeting with publisher 99% that he will say no.

You don’t need a publisher:

– When your game is premium class, because more players got used to free-to-play games and pay for some games they don’t want and we have a big pirates market, which can steal your product.

– When you create a game for yourself, with yours personal taste. At first publishers thinks about money and business and after about game for one person.

This article is about mobile game market.

– When you have experience with game launch, where to find users traffic, learn how to work with mobile markets like App Store and Google Play.

How to find your publisher?”