Every publishers have their game taste. Try to find information before sending your final game build. It really important to find people with close view. It provides easier work.

Success in business of publishing it is second item which need to check. Because this way has a lot underwater rocks. And if he tries at first time this path with you it is really bad.

It is a big plus when publisher uses expertise in the field of game development. He can help you to “polish” your game. It is really cool when he develops his own products and it has success.

Only one extensive gaming library and a large user base is not enough to promote and support the project. Very cool when publisher’s know where to find players for your game and have an additional source of traffic of users. Find out more about reputation of law. Because publisher reputation will be distributed to the game project.

How can your publisher can help you?

Expertise. Publisher can fix a lot of mistakes in your game and bring the game to market metrics.

Quality. For the most part, companies looking for a publisher are very budget-friendly and because of this they lack the resource to create a quality product.

Users. Publisher has marketing budget and he knows where he can buy traffic for your game.

Analytics. Qualitative figures, graphs are the basis of the correct use of the budget and the success of the project. Publisher needs to organize analysis of analytical data according to internal standards.

Training. Working process with clever publisher increases your personal and team skills. You can watch how to work in a team of publisher.

“When and why do you need a publisher?