Hideo Kojima is a dreamer with a rich imagination, but we can’t disagree that he has a lot of interesting ideas for video games. Even if the final product does not reach the level of concepts, at least the game director tries to develop the industry and proposes his innovations.

In a recent interview with the Japanese magazine An-An, Kojima raised the topic of what kind of games he would like to make. The developer did not tell anything specific about the genres, but shared one curious concept.

“I would like to make games that change in real-time. Even when people of different ages and backgrounds from all over the world play the same game, in the same way. Instead, I would like to create something that could change depending on where you live or even the way of you thinking.”

AR Games

To some extent, AR games are already doing this.

The basic mechanics of games remain everywhere, but depending on the location, the map changes. In the same Pokémon Go, you need to go out and engage in activities. However, this game does not change depending on what we think.

In an interview, Kojima recalled the game Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand, which was released in 2003 on the Game Boy Advance. The vampire-hunting title used a light sensor to force gamers to go outside.

“In [Boktai: The Sun Is in Your Hand], your success in battling vampires depended on the amount of real solar energy, so it was important to consider where and what time you sit in the game. Mechanics like this link the systems created by the designers and our everyday life.”

Top 10 interesting facts about Hideo Kojima

interesting facts about Hideo Kojima
  • Before the gaming industry, he wanted to be a movie director.
  • In his opinion, virtual reality will have an impact on different spheres of people’s lives.
  • After the birth of his son, Hideo changed the approach to creating games. The game designer began to think about how his games affect the players and what he wants to convey to the next generation.
  • A favorite bedtime ritual is watching movies. Despite the fact that Hideo sleeps only 4 hours a day, he never falls asleep watching films. 
  • Hideo wrote short stories for Japanese literary magazines, but the editors always refused them to publish. Because the format of stories should not exceed 100 pages, and his works were often over 400.
  • In 1987, Kojima released Metal Gear for MSX2. It was one of the most significant Stealth Action games ever. One of the sources of inspiration was the film “The Great Escape” directed by John Sturges.
  • Hideo Kojima loves science fiction and cyberpunk. In 1988, he contributed to the adventure game Snatcher, inspired by the “Blade Runner” movie.
  • Hideo used the LEGO constructor to create levels in Metal Gear Solid. With its help, the game designer built a detailed map of each location with the designation of key objects.
  • Hideo Kojima’s mom completed Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. She sat down to play when she was 70 years old.
  • Death Stranding has the largest stellar cast in the gaming industry. To work on the project, Hideo managed to attract such celebrities as Norman Reedus, Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydou, Lindsay Wagner, Guillermo del Toro, Troy Baker and Emily O’Brien.