Recently game industry is growing fast and become more popular and profitable. According to Global Games Market reportby Newzoo, the global games market value has reached $137.9 Bn in 2018 (anincrease of +13,3% from 2017) and is expected to surpass $165.9 Bn in 2019.

It may take several years to develop a game. But it’s not enough just to create it, you need to supportit in using LiveOps techniques. The necessary processes involved in game development include scripting, programming, character design and creation, animation, level creation and testing. These end up costing you a lot, being the main reason outsourcing is important in game development. Outsource services are usually cheaper comparing to other countries, because of less expensive level of living.

So the benefits of dealing with outsource game development partners are:

Cost Saving & Efficiency

Cost-efficiency is what all companies want to achieve. When you hire an outsource company to develop your game you can save money. You don’t have to hire a developer, give him/heroffice facilities, provide social benefits, supplies etc. Cost saving can also be explained by the lower costs of leaving in other countries. So, as the result, rates for work will be also lower. You can describe your project to an outsource company and a detailed project will be prepared to you from scratch. Also if you lack several people in your office, you can collaborate with another company in order to get an employee for your project without any delay.

Keep Track of Your Project

If you choose an outsource game development team you will have a representative from that team to talk and report the project progress to you. You can choose the best way for communication and reporting the status. You can also be fully involved in the project to make all processes and stages transparent and clear to track.

More Time for Company Management

If you are a start-up, it can take you a lot of time to create your own product or service. You may be responsible for many parts of your business at the same time: development, marketing, finance, employee management etc. It becomes impossible to perform all of those activities when your company is growing bigger. Outsource company can free up your time, so that you can focus on the most important aspects. You can still be a team player of an outsource company, but you don’t have to manage all the development process.

Professional Expertise

Nobody wants to see a game with lots of bugs. That is why outsource companies carry about the quality of code and whether a game fits with all latest devices. If you want to include in-app purchase your code should be secure in order to protect customer’s payment channels from cybercrime attack. Another benefit of cooperation with an outsource companies is that you are able to pick any solution and that company will provide it with high quality. Also your outsource partner can suggest you brand-new effective solution.  


There are much more pros of dealing with outsource companies, but anyway you should consider all pros andcons for your company. You should research about the outsource company and their market in order to understand the specifics of work.  As of now there is a plenty of big companies that have a successful cooperation with outsource companies. They help you to decrease costs and save your time for another important activities.