After being in soft launch for some months, Goober Games and Stepico Games have finally released Century Siege, PvP tower defence card collective battler. Soft launch of Century Siege was announced back in December 2018. The original idea was to create a game similar to Clash Royale.

What lays in its core?

Through planned progression of tweaks, feature additions and optimization through protocol solution with backend and client-side modules using Amazon AWS, IIS,, C#, Photon, PUN, Unity, now Century Siege has many tricks up its sleeve. Playing the game you become one of historical figures and dive into the atmosphere of time travel and mythology.

Why is it so special?

The game has the unique mix of genres. Your should apply your strategic skills and decide what way to choose to win the fight. There is a special zone to place your buildings and it’s for you to make decision if you build to protect, defend or support your force. The benefit of these buildings is that they don’t disappear since a period of time. The wood is one more tasty point that differentiates Century Siege among other games. It’s for you to decide if you want to build a stonewall or generate more units.There are 3 types of buildings: defence, protect and support. There are also generals that diverse your game. The way of a game depends on what general is playing. When you have the same card units with your enemy, but different generals, force of units will vary. Creeps is a unique type of monsters that appear when you destroy one of crystals. 

Given that the team already has plans for a Single-Player mode or standalone TD game, it is apparent that there is certainly a lot of room for exploration within the world of Century Siege.

The battler is available for iOS and Android. It’s free-to-play game with in-app-purchases included.