Some times ago an Australian developer Tobias Sturn has announced about the release of their new game ‘Machinaero’. It is available for iOS since December 10th. This game is about creating your own transport to explore the world. 2D sandboxuses innovative physics engine that simulates not only different aerodynamic elements such as wind, but also lifts and drags like a real vehicle, pressure, temperature etc.

In this game you should use the imagination to create a machine from something simple to complicated one and test it by learning the world in water, air or land. Also you will have to create it considering weather conditions of each zone by usingaround 50 block types. Gather different resources such as wood, metals and stone to improve your vehicle. The aim is to create a game that causes emotionsby exploring new places or creating a realistic simulation.

Machinaero’ is available on App Store and costs $2.99.