Analytics of AppLovin researched game market of the USA and Great Britain and a lot of people from this country don’t consider themselves gamers.

Experts interrogate 4 000 people who play games to know their favorite game genre and attitude to mobile titles.

  • From 4 000 only ⅓ people consider themselves gamers. They constantly play games 3 or 4 times a week
  • 36 % men said that they were gamers
  • Only 22 % of women said that they were gamers
  • 8 from 10 TOP games at Google Play are casual genre. It depends on simple gameplays and free-to-play type
  • 24 % of people more than ever like casual puzzle
  • Favorite genre of 13 % of people are strategy games
  • 31 % over 55 years old play games every day, but only 14 % think that they are gamers