The initiative is called”Play At Home.” Sony has announced that in order to support everyone who makes a personal contribution to the worldwide pandemic.

All users have a chanceto receive three parts of the game “Uncharted” and a “Journey” from Sony.

You just need to download games from the PlayStation Store to the console to get it for free. The handout will be available from April 15 to May 5.

The idea includes two main goals:

• Moral support for people who are missing in their houses and the PlayStation Game Community Bonus

• Creating a $ 10 million found to support the business of small game studios who met the crisis.

More about the available games

The trilogy of “Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection” games by the Naughty Dog developers– well-known for lots of us. An exciting virtual adventure, with treasure huntingand legendary heroes are the best what you can imagine and to have fun.

“Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection”

Also famous is the “Journey”. This game is a great example of being a real work of art. It hides a philosophy of life and gives lots of emotions.

According to Sony Interactive Entertainment position:

“We are proud of to give the opportunity to provideour players with the necessary entertainment. We know this is just one small step, and we are truly grateful for the chance to offer such support to players, communities and partners.”

And indeed, games are great way to relax and get out of troubles, aren’t they?