Why Century Siege is not a usual Tower Defense game

In just five minutes you will gather an army, build fortifications, summon a bunch of heroes and generals to win the battle. Here’s our review of Century Siege: TD Battles for iOS and Android.

Century Siege: TD Battles is a real-time strategy game with historical characters and Tower Defense mechanics. The player defends its fortress and attacks the enemy with summoned heroes.

The game is a real-time strategy game, but with Tower Defense mechanics and fun, historical spin. It has a 4.7 rating in the App Store, and we are here to check it out. Century Siege was developed by Goober Games and Stepico Games.


The gameplay can be divided into two parts — the battle and preparation for it. One battle lasts only five minutes. It is quite dynamic, and the game doesn’t require a lot of time. The 5-minute battle lock helps to ideally schedule the time for toilet sessions.

Preparation is based on choosing the heroes, fortifications, generals, and spells. Fortifications are the game-changer in terms of the genre.

Generals are famous war leaders who have their own strengths and strategies. The game gives Julius Caesar as a starter general, and the rest of them can be opened gradually. 

When the army is assembled, you can go into battle. You will play against real-time players — no pauses. 

The battle gameplay is a mix of Clash Royale’s real-time mechanics with Tower Defense elements and use of generals’ powers.

The goal is to crush the enemy tower and defend your one. There are two crystals around the towers, which also must be destroyed or defended. The winner is the one who destroys the opponent’s tower or does more damage.

Century Siege
Century Siege

Player summons heroes through the portal and builds fortifications on the field. All heroes and Generals use crystal energy to be summoned. This energy is produced automatically, and each character needs a different amount of it.

But the game doesn’t end with the summoning of heroes, because Tower Defense genre elements take its place in the Century Siege. Player also has to build fortifications to defend the base, and it adds the additional layer of mechanics to the established mobile RTS genre.


In Century Siege, a player develops through the improvement of heroes, creeps, fortifications, and generals. 

You can upgrade generals, heroes, buildings, and spells. There are also creeps, but you don’t upgrade them. Their level grows together with the player’s one. It all makes you stronger in battle. Also, all this stuff can be customized via skins.

Century Siege
Century Siege

Player uses gold coins and duplicate cards for leveling. They can be acquired via battles and completed quests. The main loot can be found in crystals that need to be opened. The larger the crystal, the longer it opens.

Century Siege

Graphics & Music

The game is visually enjoyable and doesn’t require a top smartphone. The characters and animations are well-done, and the Century Siege doesn’t drain the battery too much. Background music is something from the medieval, it is pleasant and not annoying.

In conclusion

The mix of real-time strategy and Tower Defense, short sessions, historical characters, real opponents, leveling system, nice graphics are what defines Century Siege.

The game can be described as “easy to learn, hard to master” in terms of gameplay mechanics. They are not too hard in comparison with Hearthstone’s always changing meta decks and stuff, but this is the thing. 

There is a room for improvement and devs use it to make the game better. Century Siege gets updates for 2 years, and they keep coming.

If you like it, download the game on the App Store or Google Play.