When you develop your game you often think how to maximize revenue from the game? The gaming audience is different and here try to find harmony between users who can afford and who not. Game is one project in which one needs to be as flexible as possible to achieve the desired result. Create your users does segmentation how you see them (age, region, hobby etc.).

Segmentation of users do couple tasks:

  • You can more exactly create propose for different users and it can increase positive results on propose.
  • You will understand players behavior better and can create users journey map movement in the game. It helps understand moments when it comes to making a purchase offer etc.

Try to experiment with in app purchases. Example, offer one game item during the game, not three. Users can not compare prices. Try to propose game items when players have one step from game over. Think about discounts, you can combine game items and sell at a bargain price. Players who pay in the game often and a lot like suggestions when after the purchase their products are doubled. Players who pay in the game not often and not much like suggestions when after the purchase their products have discount – 50%. It can also increase profits.

People like presents, you can add some present for standard game item. Sometimes this propose in game shop can make users interested.