When you create your own game you think that it is the best product in game world. You spend a lot of time and force of develop it – one month or couple years. And when you send game to publishing companies often you can hear “Sorry, but no”. Why does it happens?

Sometimes you have really good idea and your quality of product and monetization work well, but concept of your project doesn’t work. For example, settings and mechanics don’t fit each other. It happens, because game team doesn’t do simple steps. This steps can give a little chance to find nice place on game world.

Firstly, use Sensor Tower and App Annie. They show you game statistics in the all world and you gather data for marketing research. This web platform helps with answer to couple of questions:

– What games do really earn money on relation to the type and genre of the game?

– What games don’t bring you profit earn money?

– What mechanics, settings, styles, features are used in this games?

It creates in your mind a map of understanding your idea way.

Secondly, after your first game bild you need to get a lot of feedbacks. from everyone what you know. You can write in some game developer facebook groups, on reddit etc. When you work with all feedbacks try brainstorm new ideas write in Jira or program like it.

Thirdly, test your new ideas. Create couples of banners for games, gameplays, evolve a game story and add it in game tutorials. Try to follow your game document, find bags, create a solution how to fix it.

Fourthly, use analytics. It helps you to understand better your users behavior, game weak side. Prepare your project to soft launch you need to understand that soft launch is not a close beta where your test a game. There you can to confirm success rate of the project.

Good luck and be brave!