Ohh…yes early access have a nice chance to say about your game, to get testimonials from your players, collect money and improve bugs. All depends on quality of game and game genre. If you are not sure in this, better than you change access date. You don’t want to spoil the first impression of your project, do you? Primary statistics it first what you need to use, it gives a lot informations of your game and in future you can create new ideas about “How to do this better?”.

Don’t forget about game market. It needs your analysis. Important that your early access not coincide with release games of big studios. All attention of players are there. Check your competitors, how they start early access. Read players testimonials, bloggers and highlight plus and cons for your early access.

Create website, social media pages, but do this earlier earlier to make more players interested of your game. Create your marketing strategy with different ways and creatives virtual speech with users. Write and post there interesting content. After this choose market platform for early access and use game analytics, where you can monitor your traffic.