Recently, Stepiсo Games organized an all-Ukrainian online hackathon Stepico Unity Jam. The main condition of the jam was development on Unity. According to the participants and organizers, the hackathon gave them:

  • an opportunity to meet like-minded people, 
  • find new talents, win money or other prizes, 
  • listen to unique 
  • gamedev lectures from experts 
  • fun. 

In short — according to survey, 90.9% of participants are ready to do it again.

Stepico Unity Jam event

In total, for jam, registered 259 people, of which 155 participated. Fifty-nine assembled teams, 43 of them completed their projects. Most of the participants were from Kyiv, Lviv, and Kharkiv.

After the end of 2 days, $3 000 of the prize pool we sent to the winners and another $200 for each nomination.

Winners of the Unity game development hackathon

First place and $1 500 got the Navi team for the “Shipstick game”.

An arcade sheep breeding simulator created in 48 hours. Fighting wolves, caring for the herd, bargaining with sellers, collecting stones and other attributes of a difficult shepherd’s life.

Second place and $1 000 went to the Jam Toast team for the game “Choosy Tree”.

The game where participants compete against each other in a common arena. Players can move and make a leap. The jerk pushes the opponent away and, in a collision with him, knocks out of his hands objects. The aim of the game is to grow a tree to level 10 and not let others do it. How? It just depends on your imagination

Third place and $500 got the Silence Studio team for the game “Little Sparkle”. 

The little inquisitive light seeks its place in a new world for him. He wants to know everything around him, and he needs help to take the first steps. Develop the skills you need to survive and overcome obstacles along with the fire

Congratulations to all the participants and thanks to Stepico Games that has been creating game art and developing great mobile games, for making this event together. By the way, if you are looking for a job in gamedev, Stepico team will be glad to see new talents in their company.